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Huta Ltd. provides 360-degree scans for virtual tours. This technology allows for the creation of immersive virtual tours of buildings and spaces, providing clients with a realistic and interactive experience. The 360-degree scans are perfect for real estate marketing, event venues, or any space that can benefit from a virtual tour.

Specialized in using Lidar scanning technology to create detailed and accurate 3D models of buildings and landscapes, Huta Ltd. uses laser light to measure distances and create a highly accurate point cloud of a building or space. Lidar scanning is especially useful for large-scale construction projects, where accuracy and precision are critical. The technology can help to reduce errors and delays, improving the overall efficiency of the construction process.

For renovation projects, Huta Ltd. also offers building information modelling services. This involves creating a digital model of an existing building that includes all the information needed for renovation and restoration. By creating an accurate 3D model, the company can identify potential issues and provide solutions before construction begins. This can help to reduce costs and minimize the risk of unexpected delays.

Finally, Huta Ltd. is happy to cater to your needs by providing bespoke hand-crafted interior design and architectural services. The company has a team of talented designers and architects who are passionate about creating stunning and functional spaces. From concept design to construction documentation, the team can provide a complete range of services to meet the needs of any project.

In summary, Huta Ltd. is a full-service AEC firm that provides a wide range of services, including interior design, BIM, Lidar scanning, virtual tours, and architectural services. With a team of experienced professionals and the latest technology, the company can help clients to achieve their project goals efficiently and effectively.

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The Bangkok BIM model is one of the key areas of expertise for Huta Ltd. The company has extensive experience working on large-scale projects in Bangkok and has developed a deep understanding of the city's unique challenges and opportunities. Huta Ltd. can provide comprehensive BIM services for any project in Bangkok, ensuring that the construction process is as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Scan to BIM, offered by Huta Ltd. involves using laser scanning technology to create a 3D model of an existing building or structure. This technology is especially useful for renovation and restoration projects, as it allows for accurate measurements and detailed documentation of the existing conditions.

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